Simple game with random map generation, increasing difficulty (more soil/less starting wheat), and sorta-realistic-looking plant growth.

- Driving on soil turns it into seededSoil (at the cost of 0.5 wheat)

- Driving on seededSoil or first-stage wheat does nothing

- Driving on second-stage wheat turns it into soil (which you then automatically replant for 0.5 wheat if you can afford it)

- Driving on fully-grown wheat gives you 1 wheat (which you then automatically replant for 0.5 wheat, so it's basically just +0.5 wheat)


  • Up/W (or non-WASD equivalent) to move forward
  • Down/S (or non-WASD equivalent) to move backward
  • Left/A (or non-WASD equivalent) to turn left
  • Right/D (or non-WASD equivalent) to turn right


Farming.exe 47 MB
Farming.dmg 64 MB
Farming-1.0.0.AppImage 69 MB

Install instructions

Note: Downloadable versions are untested. They use a compiler included in the game engine I'm using, so I can recompile them, but it might be hard for me to find downloadable-specific bugs

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